BABYMILL is now launching

BABYMILL 1   -    BABYMILL 2    -    BABYMILL 3,
a new line of infant, follow-on and growing-up milk formulas.

Baby milk powder BABYMILL:
- is based on top quality milk
- contains no sugar (saccharose)
- has a sweet milky flavor which responds perfectly to the taste preferences of infants and babies
- is rich in high calcium content to ensure the proper growth of teeth and little children’s bone structures
- offers D3 vitamin content to prevents the rickets
- offers iron content to protect children against anaemia
- provides easily absorbable proteins to prevent digestive problems in children
- DHA-AA & GOS (prebiotic) for China
- Formula are all-in compliance with the harsh quality standards of the European Union
- BABYMILL produced in the European Union according to high Dutch Standard

This formula is consistent with: European Community Commission Directive 2006/141/EC of 22. December 2006 on infant formula and Chinese Regulation number GB-10765-2010 and GB 10767-2010.



Breastfeeding is the best and most appropriate way to feed infants.
Yet, for a variety of reasons, many mothers are unable to breastfeed and need to resort to nutrition substitutes. Until recently, the only option was to feed their babies cow milk. Studies by nutrition experts show that children under three years of age require special baby milk formulas to supply ingredients essential for their health and proper growth that are deficient in cow milk. As the composition of our formulas is a much closer approximation of breast milk, allergy and food absorption risk is reduced to the minimum.

BABYMILL offers its baby milk products in a new sophisticated package:
a metal tin containing protective gas. A peel-off lid and a plastic cover make for it an air-tight container that holds nutrients safely even after its aluminium membrane has been removed. Each tin comes with a plastic measure scoop and on each tin is mentioned the feeding table per stage.